Exciting Performance Advanced in Teamwork


Imagine a team in which every team member fulfills his/her potential, has the self-confidence to achieve the goals he/she set, is motivated to go for it, communicates in a clear, effective and stimulating way, and experiences involvement, partnership and connectedness… Does it sound too good to be true? In this 3-day training you will experience that it’s possible to realize this vision for your team, short- as well as long-term and in good and bad times.  

A team carrying this vision creates enthusiastic team members, motivated to achieve better results and to trust their success, enjoy the work they do and  realizing targets. They also know how to communicate in such a way that it reduces the chance for misunderstandings, resulting in an increase in effectiveness and more pleasure in doing business.

During the training the team members will see and experience that they can achieve more than they thought they would. Moreover, they will see how they can reach this with the team bringing involvement and connection, in good and bad times. They will also experience how they can deal with the pitfalls together, in a practical, easy-to-apply and exciting way. With the following results:

  • More focus on what the team wants to achieve.
  • Clarity about common values in the team and how to implement this in daily practice.
  • Better results for the team and each team member individually.
  • Higher involvement at work.
  • The willingness to look for solutions when something doesn’t work.
  • Increased success and more pleasure at work by being able to realize effective partnerships with customers and colleagues.
  • Higher team spirit and drive to achieve success in each individual.
  • More effective communication resulting in the listener being able to receive the message as it is meant.
  • More excitement in the team and in each individual.
  • Higher commitment to the organization.
  • Better service to clients, because every team member is able to communicate in the way the client understands.

About the training

Exciting Performance Advanced in Teamwork is a 3-day training, consisting of Exciting Performance Advanced (Let’s Talk and Exciting Performance) and a team day. During the third day the team will be trained by the trainer to implement everything they learned in their work. 

We give an energetic training providing the space for each team member to go beyond his/her barriers through experiences and interactions. In this way the team members will experience during the training that they can achieve much more than they thought they would. This is a boost for their self-confidence and because of the way we work the attitude has changed for the long term. During the training the participants get light, simple and practical tools and they will see how they can apply these tools immediately. This will result in the participants being able to achieve more and better results.

We believe that excitement drives people to reach more than their expectation of themselves and to excel in everything they do. We support you and your team to use excitement in your business and personal life so each team member dares to go beyond his/her barriers, to go for his/her dreams and to reach the goals he/she set. For you to excel in everything you do.  


Practical information

Exciting Performance Advanced is a 3-day in-company training for teams. Custom-made trainings are available for big and small groups. For more information about Exciting Performance Advanced please contact us.


Location of the training:
Exciting Business 
Jarmuiden 28 
1046 AD Amsterdam

Free parking is available