Let’s Talk Business


Do you want to get more successful, effective and trustworthy long-term relationships – inside as well as outside of the organisation? Do you want to get more out of your business relationships in less time and with less effort? Do you have a great product and do you want to create better results? Then the Let’s Talk Business training is for you. 

In this training our trainers show you how you can build reliable partnerships with your business relations from excitement and trust. With the tools we teach you, you lay a foundation of trust transforming business relations into partners who actively contribute to realizing your success. 

This will create the following results: 

  • Stronger and more productive partnerships, internally as well as externally. 
  • More effective communication with relevant stakeholders. 
  • Better service for clients and suppliers. 
  • Better cooperation with clients and colleagues. 
  • Improved self-confidence when negotiating and closing the deal. 

When you negotiate and close win-win deals and when you communicate more effectively with clients as well as with colleagues, you’re creating better results with less effort. You reach this by learning how to: 

  • Approach the other person successfully and how to handle sales pitches with more self-confidence. 
  • Give clients better service by communicating with them in the way they want from you. 
  • Take more responsibility by creating solutions, taking action and asking for advice. 
  • Create partnerships with mutual benefits. 
  • Become more assertive, because you trust yourself to close the deal and to create a reliable partnership. 
  • Gain more business-acumen with less effort. 

About the training

Let’s Talk Business is an energy-packed training in which you learn in an experiential way to apply 12 practical and simple communication tools. In a safe environment, business-related situations are simulated and you get the opportunity to learn how to use the tools yourself. By means of sharp interventions the trainers let you experience how you can create considerably better results with less effort. Consequently, after the training you will know how to apply the communication tools.

Our trainings focus on excitement and excellence. We believe that excitement is the generator resulting in people excelling at what they do. By increasing every individual’s excitement they will reach their goals and more. 

Topics that will be handled during the training: 

  • How can I structure a conversation in such a way that I can invite the other person to listen to me? 
  • How can I increase my trustworthiness and with this lay a foundation of trust? 
  • How can I close the deal faster? 
  • How can I increase the loyalty of my clients and business relations? 
  • How can I transform criticism to cooperation? 
  • How can I create cooperation in a sustainable way? 

Practical information

The Let’s Talk Business training is a 3 day training and costs €1.195,- including VAT, training materials and arrangement costs.
If you’re interested in an in-company training, please contact us. 


Location of the training:
Exciting Business 
Jarmuiden 28 
1046 AD Amsterdam

Free parking is available.